Taking apart MSI GS73VR model MS-17B1

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Taking apart MSI GS73VR model MS-17B1 gaming series laptop.

In this guide I am taking apart a MSI GS73VR gaming series laptop model MS-17B1. It’s possible these instructions will work for some other MSI GS models.

I will show how to access the main NVMe SSD and both RAM slots hidden on the bottom side of the motherboard.


How to disassemble VIZIO CT14

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VIZIO CT14 ultrabook disassembly

In this guide I show how to disassemble a VIZIO CT14 Ultrabook.

I’m going through the disassembly process in order to replace failed DC power jack. It looks like the DC jack is easily accessible under the cover but there is a trick.


Full disassembly guide for MSI GE62 GP62 PE60

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MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 disassembly guide

Today I reveal to you a full disassembly guide for MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 gaming laptops and it will be very similar for MSI GE72 series.

All teardown instructions should be the same for many different models and configurations: MS-16J1, MS-16J2, MS-16J3… through MS-16J9.

In the first part of the disassembly guide I explain how to access and remove all internal components from the laptop case and I will show how display hinges fail on these models.

In the second part we’ll move to the display disassembly and screen removal.


Taking apart Samsung 900X notebook

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In this guide I’ll be taking apart a Samsung 900X notebook. I’m working on notebook model NP900X3A.

Most important components in a Samsung 900X notebook located under the bottom cover.

I’ll show how to remove the bottom cover and access the internal notebook components.


How to replace screen in LG XNote

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In this post I explain how to remove and replace damaged screen in a LG XNote Ultrabook.

Also, this guide can help you to access and replace the inverter board.

I’m taking apart a LG XNote S210 but I think this guide will fit many other models in the XNote line.


Taking apart Fujitsu LifeBook V series

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Fujitsu LifeBook V series notebook

This guide will help you take apart a Fujitsu LifeBook V series notebook. It will show how you can remove the hard drive, memory modules, DVD drive and keyboard.

Also, I’ll show how you can clean up the heat sink. I have created this guide while taking apart a Fujitsu LifeBook V1010.
The badge on the front said “LIFEBOOK V Series” so I assume this guide should work for other modes in the LifeBook V line.