How to repair damaged USB port on MacBook Air

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MacBook Air with damaged USB port.

The left USB port on this MacBook Air stopped working properly. Any USB device plugged in into the left port doesn’t fit all the way in. It feels like something inside the USB port is staying on the way. Also, any USB device plugged in into the left port is not being recognized by the operating system. The right USB port, on the other hand, has no issues at all and still works as it should.


How I fixed trackpad, keyboard after water spill on Macbook Air

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MacBook Air with not working keyboard and trackpad

In this post I explain how I fixed the trackpad and keyboard after water spill on a MacBook Air. The trackpad and keyboard stopped working completely after a very minor spill somewhere in the area of the spacebar.

Everything else in this MacBook Air kept working fine like the water damage has never happened. An external keyboard and mouse connected via one of the USB ports also functioned properly.


Connecting two Macs to migrate data from one to another

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Migrating data from one Mac to another

Connecting two Macs in order to migrate data (user files, applications and settings) from one to another is pretty much straightforward and uncomplicated process.

As long as you can find the right cable that links two Macs together, you can start moving files in a few clicks.

Before you start, make sure the storage space in the target computer is large enough to hold the data from the old computer otherwise the migration process will fail.


Removing stuck DVD or CD from MacBook Pro

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Macbook Pro with stuck DVD disc

Today I will show how to remove a stuck DVD or CD disc from a MacBook Pro laptop.

In this example I’m removing it from a 13-inch MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) but you should be able to use this guide for any other 13″, 15″ or 17″ MacBook Pro. All disassembly steps should be very similar.

On Apple computers you will not find the eject pin hole which is present on most PC laptops. If a DVD or CD got stuck in the optical drive, you will have to open up the laptop case, remove the optical drive and take it apart (partially).


Replacing failed trackpad on MacBook Air

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MacBook Air trackpad replacement

In this guide I show how to replace failed trackpad on a MacBook Air 13-inch or 11-inch laptop.

In my case the trackpad started working erratically. The cursor was jumping all over the screen and moving on its own even if the trackpad wasn’t touched.

TIP: if your trackpad stopped clicking, check the battery. It’s likely the battery is swollen and blocking the trackpad from moving freely. If the trackpad clicks properly with the battery removed, you’ll have to replace the battery.


How to replace 13″ MacBook Air cracked screen

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Replacing cracked screen on 13-inch MacBook Air laptop

Today I’ll be replacing cracked screen on a 13-inch MacBook Air. This laptop was dropped and the screen got messed up. The left side of the screen still displays normally but the right side shows only bleeding colors.

You can use this guide for replacing damaged display assembly on any 13-inch MacBook Air produced in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

We’ll be removing some internal components and screws so be organized, make notes. Keep track of the screws.


13″ MacBook Pro Retina – fixing no video issue by replacing display cable

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13 MacBook Pro Retina laptop

In this guide I will be fixing a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina laptop with “no video” issue by replacing the display LVDS cable. In this particular guide I’m fixing a Late 2013 model but all disassembly steps should be the same for 2014 and 2015 MacBook Pro Retina models.

I received this laptop with the following problem description: It turns on and chimes but has no video and no backlight. Video still works on the external monitor connected via Thunderbolt or HDMI ports.


How to replace thermal grease on MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro bottom cover removed

In this guide I explain how to replace thermal grease on a MacBook Pro.

You can use the following instructions for 13″, 15″, 17″ unibody MBPs.

When you remove the bottom cover you can access and clean up the cooling fan but the heat sink is mounted on the other side of the motherboard. In order to replace thermal grease the motherboard has to be removed.