How to replace screen on MacBook 13-inch white unibody

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MacBook white unibody 2009 2010

In this guide I explain how to replace the LCD screen on a MacBook 13-inch white unibody laptop.

You can use these instructions for MacBook Late-2009 and Mid-2010 models.


I strongly suggest disconnecting the battery before proceeding with the laptop disassembly.

Unplug battery


Also, I not just disconnected the battery but removed it completely.

It’s secured by six screws: three regular Phillips screws (yellow circles) and three tri-wing screws (red circles).

If you don’t have a tri-wing screwdriver you can try using a small flathead screwdriver instead.

Remove battery screws


Remove the battery.

Remove battery


The screen bezel glued to the display cover by adhesive tape.

It’s much easier to separate the bezel from the cover if you heat it up first.

BE CAREFUL using a heat gun. You can overheat the bezel and permanently damage it.

Probably it’s safer to use a hair dryer. The bezel doesn’t have to be burning hot. It has to be warm enough to soften the adhesive tape.

Heat up screen bezel


Start separating the bezel using a sharp object.

Start separating bezel from display


Continue removing the bezel with your fingers.

Try not to touch the adhesive tape so it can be re-used.

While removing the bezel keep warming it up with a heat gun or hair dryer.

Continue removing bezel


When you move to the lower part of the display assembly, it’s easier to use a plastic stick for separating the bezel.

As you see the bezel is very flexible.

Use plastic stick


Continue separating the bezel on the bottom of the display.

This is probably the hardest part.

Remove bezel on bottom


Remove six screws securing the LCD screen.

You’ll have to use a small flathead Phillips screwdriver.

Remove screen screws

STEP 10.

Separate the screen from the back cover.

Separate screen from cover

STEP 11.

Lift up the screen so you can access the cable connector on the bottom.

You will have some limited access to the connector.

Lift up LCD

STEP 12.

Remove black mylar tape securing the connection.

Remove black tape

STEP 13.

Carefully unlock the connector.

Unlock cable connector

STEP 14.

Now you can pull the video cable from the connector.

Remove the failed/damaged LCD screen and get ready to install a new one.

Unplug video cable

STEP 15.

Position the new screen so you can plug the video cable back in place.

Plug cable into new screen

STEP 16.

Lock the metal retainer.

Lock screen connector

STEP 17.

Glue the mylar tape back on the connector.

Install black tape

STEP 18.

Secure the screen inside the display using six screws.

Before you install the bezel, it’s a good idea to test the screen.

Test new screen

STEP 19.

Take a closer look at the adhesive tape on the display and back side of the bezel.

If the adhesive tape sticking out it’s better to cut it off or straighten.

The bezel has to seat on the display as flat as possible.

Remove old sticky tape

STEP 20.

Remove the protective film from the new screen (if you it has it).

Remove protective film from screen

STEP 21.

Finally, install the bezel back in place and glue it back to the display.

Install bezel

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