How to disassemble MacBook Pro 15″ (Mid 2010) and replace the keyboard

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In the following guide I explain how to disassemble a MacBook Pro 15″ (Mid 2010) in order to remove and replace the keyboard.

In my case something sticky was spilled on the keyboard and it stopped working completely. In fact, the laptop didn’t even start with the damaged keyboard connected to the motherboard.

I confirmed that this is just a failed keyboard by turning it on using the power-on pads.

The keyboard is attached to the internal side of the top cover assembly. In order to remove and replace the keyboard the entire MacBook Pro (MBP) has to be disassembled.


Replacing broken screen on iPod Touch 4th generation

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In this post I show how I replaced broken screen on my son’s iPod Touch 4th generation (with camera).

It was cracked very badly in many different places making it hard to use.

I have never fixed any iPod before. This was my first iPod related repair.

For this repair you’ll need the following:

1. New iPod Touch 4th generation screen. The entire assembly (with glass and digitizer) available on eBay.
2. A metal spudger.