How to take apart HP Pavilion dv5

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In this post I explain how to take apart a HP Pavilion dv5 laptop (Pavilion dv5t-1000 model).

I’m taking it apart in order to replace the noisy cooling fan which is mounted deep inside the case under the motherboard. In order to replace the cooling fan I’ll have to disassemble the whole unit.

Let’s take it apart step-by-step. Before you start, make sure the it is turned off.


How to disassemble HP Pavilion dm3

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Today I explain how to disassemble a HP Pavilion dm3 series notebook.

In this particular guide I’m taking apart a HP Pavilion dm3-1035dx Entertainment Notebook but the guide should be the same for all other models in Pavilion dm3 line.

Before you start, make sure the computer is turned off.