Replacing LCD screen on Dell Inspiron 15 17 5000 series

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Replacing failed or damaged LCD screen

Today I show how to replace LCD screen on Dell Inspiron 15 or 17 5000 Series laptops.

This guide should work for the following Dell Inspiron models:

  • 17″ models 5759, 5758, 5755
  • 15″ models 5559, 5558, 5555

Replacement 17″ LCD screens available here:
Replacement 15″ LCD screens available here:


Start the disassembly process with disconnecting the battery.

Remove battery


It’s easier to remove the display bezel if you start around the webcam area.

Insert your fingers between the bezel and display back cover. Carefully separate the bezel from the cover.

If you wiggle the bezel, it will unsnap from the cover.

Start separating display bezel

Continue separating the bezel on both sides.

Continue separating on both sides

The hardest part will be removing it on the bottom.

Move to the lower part of display assembly

There are many hidden latches securing the bezel to the display. Again, wiggle the bezel to release the latches.

Make sure the display is opened all the way back while you working around hinge areas.

Remove bezel from hinges

After the bezel is removed, the most difficult part of this teardown is behind.

Display bezel removed


Remove four screws securing the LCD screen brackets.

Take a look how the display cable is routed under the latches (yellow arrows). If you place it above the latches, the bezel might not close properly when you reassemble the laptop.

Remove four screws securing LCD screen

Each hinge secured to the display back cover by three screws.

Three screws securing display hinges

Loosen the screws on both hinges but do not remove them completely.

Loosen hinge screws

Now you can separate the back cover from the LCD screen and remove three screws on the right side.

Remove three screws from right side

Remove three more screws on the left side.

Remove three screws from left side


Separate the LCD screen from the back cover and place it on the palmrest.

Now you can access the display cable connector on the back of the LCD.

Place LCD screen on palmrest

Peel off the tape securing the connection.

Remove tape from video connector

Unlock the connector by lifting up the metal bracket.

Unlock display connector on LCD

Carefully separate the cable from the LCD screen (it’s glued by adhesive tape) and unplug it.

Unplug display cable


Now you are ready to replace your failed or damaged LCD screen with a new one.

Remove and replace LCD screen

Dell part number for the original LCD screen can be found on the back. It’s a combination of six numbers and letters that goes after CN.

In my case the screen part number is: 09Y6GJ. Just google the part number and you’ll find a replacement.

Original Dell part number for screen

For the laptop body disassembly, proceed to the following guides:

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    Thank you for sharing this useful information. The Lenovo Thinkpad price is high and I bought it with a lot of money and you saved my money from servicing it.

  2. Sheri

    Thanks so much!! Successfully changed out my monitor in under 10 minutes!!

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