How to disassemble Asus S56C

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Asus S56C laptop disassembly

In this guide I will disassemble an Asus S56C.

I’m taking it apart in order to access and remove failed iSSD module which is hidden under the bottom cover.

Problem description: My customer complained that his Asus S56C laptop with Windows 8 Pro OS on it started booting very slow. Reinstalling the operating system didn’t fix the issue. When resuming from sleep mode it was crashing with the following error: Power Driver State Failure.


Taking apart Asus UL80J to repair DC jack

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Asus UL80J laptop disassembly

In this guide I will be taking apart an Asus UL80J laptop in order to repair damaged DC power jack.

As you see on the following picture, the DC jack got pushed into the case to the point that the AC adapter will not plug in anymore.

I will disassemble this computer, show why it happened and how to repair the problem without buying any spare parts.


Taking apart Asus K52F

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Asus K52F disassembly

In this guide I’ll be taking apart an Asus K52F laptop.

I will go though the following disassembly steps:

STEP 1-4: Removing the bottom cover and accessing main internal components.
STEP 5-11: Remove the optical drive, hard drive and fan.
STEP 12-19: Disconnecting and removing the keyboard.


How to disassemble Asus K53U

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In this guide I explain how to diassemble an Asus K53U.

I’ll go though the following major laptop disassembly steps:

STEP 1-4: Accessing and removing the memory modules, hard drive, DVD drive and wireless card.
STEP 5-11: Disconnecting and removing the keyboard.
STEP 12-16: Removing the palmrest assembly. Accessing the CMOS battery.
STEP 17-21: Disconnecting and removing the motherboard.
STEP 22-24: Accessing and removing the cooling fan and DC power jack harness.