Taking apart Dell Inspiron N5010 (Inspiron 15R)

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In this guide I explain how to take apart a Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop.

I believe this model also called Inspiron 15R. Also similar to Inspiron M5010 model.

I’m doing this disassembly in order to access and remove the hard drive.

Dell Inspiron N5010 doesn’t give you an easy access to the hard drive. I’ll be removing the keyboard and top cover assembly.


How to disassemble Acer Aspire 7551G

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In this post I show how to disassemble an Acer Aspire 7551G laptop.

I will be taking apart the base and removing the motherboard.

It’s possible this guide will fit some other Acer Aspire models. If it works for you, please mention the model number in comments below.