How to disassemble HP Envy 15T-AE100

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HP Envy 15T-AE100 notebook

In this guide I explain how to disassemble HP Envy 15T-AE100 laptop.

This will be a long teardown process with many screws and internal components removed. As always, be organized and keep track of removed screws.


Remove one screw securing the optical drive and pull it out.

Remove optical drive


Remove all screws from the bottom cover.

Remove bottom cover screws


Separate the bottom cover from the palmrest assembly. There are hidden latches securing the cover.

Separate bottom cover from palmrest

Remove the bottom cover.

Remove bottom cover

Now we can access all internal components.

Here’s the bad news. In order to replace the DC power jack in HP Envy 15T-AE100 laptop it’s necessary to remove the motherboard.

Access internal components


Disconnect battery cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect laptop battery


Unlock the hard drive connector (red arrow) and pull the SATA cable out.

Disconnect hard drive SATA cable


The hard drive cable attached to the battery by adhesive tape.

Carefully separate it from the battery.

Separate cable from battery


Remove five screws securing the battery.

Remove battery screws

Remove the battery.

Replacement batteries model LP03XL available here:

Remove HP Envy 15T-AE100 battery


In HP Envy 15T-AE100 laptop it’s necessary to remove the battery in order to access all screws securing the hard drive assembly.

Remove all four screws.

Remove hard drive screws

Remove the hard drive.

Remove HP Envy 15T-AE100 hard drive

If you are replacing the hard drive or upgrading it with SSD, you’ll have to transfer the mounting bracket and SATA cable to the new one.

Disconnect SATA cable


The motherboard has two memory slots.

Access memory slots

Carefully spread latches located on both sides of the memory slot to release the memory module and pull it out.

Remove RAM module

STEP 10.

Disconnect the USB board cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect USB board cable

Separate the USB board cable from the fan (attached by adhesive tape).

Separate cable from fan

STEP 11.

Disconnect Wi-Fi antennas from the wireless card.

Disconnect Wi-Fi antennas

STEP 12.

Unplug the speaker cable.

Unplug speaker cable

STEP 13.

Both, the speaker cable and Wi-Fi antennas are routed in the guided path on the side of the fan.

Unroute the cables.

Unroute speaker and Wi-Fi antennas

STEP 14.

Remove four screws securing the fan and heatsink assembly.

Remove screws from heatsink and fan assembly

Move the cooling module aside in order to access and disconnect the fan cable.

Disconnect fan cable from motherboard

The cooling module has been removed.

Unfortunately, in HP Envy 15T-AE100 laptop, the fan is permanently attached to the heatsink.

If the fan failed, you’ll have to replace the entire cooling module.

Cooling module removed

The HP part number for the cooling module is: 830002-001

Replacement fan/heatsink assembly available here:

Fan attached to heatsink

Here’s the DC power jack. It’s secured by a metal bracket which is mounted under the motherboard.

DC jack secured by metal bracket

STEP 14.

Remove two screws securing the Ethernet cable bracket.

Remove screws from Ethernet bracket

Remove the bracket.

Remove bracket

STEP 15.

Peel off the black tape securing the display cable connector.

Peel off tape from display connector

Unplug the display cable from the motherboard.

Unplug display cable from motherboard

STEP 16.

Remove two screws securing the motherboard.

Disconnect the following cables on the top (left to right):

  • Speaker cable
  • DC power jack cable

Disconnect the following cables on the bottom (left to right):

  • Keyboard cable
  • LED status board cable
  • Keyboard backlight cable
  • Trackpad cable
  • Finger scanner cable
  • SD card reader cable
  • Speaker cable
Disconnect cables from motherboard

As always, don’t forget to unlock connectors before pulling the cables out.

Unlock all connectors

STEP 17.

Carefull remove the motherboard.

Pay attention, the CMOS battery cable still plugged in into the motherboard.

Remove motherboard from laptop

Turn the motherboard upside down and disconnect the CMOS battery cable.

Disconnect CMOS battery

STEP 18.

Now you can remove the motherboard completely.

Replacement motherboards available here:

HP Envy 15T-AE100 motherboard removed

Here’s the other side of the board.

Other side of motherboard

STEP 19.

Remove four screws securing the left hinge.

Remove screws securing left hinge

Lift up the left side of the hinge so it opens up at a 90 degree angle.

Lift up hinge at a 90 degree angle

STEP 20.

Remove one screw securing the DC jack bracket.

Remove DC jack bracket

Finally, remove the DC power jack harness and replace it if necessary.

Replacement DC jacks available here:

Remove HP Envy 15T-AE100 DC jack harness

Here’s the HP Envy 15T-AE100 top case (palmrest) assembly with the motherboard removed.

The keyboard is attached to the top case with rivets. If the keyboard fails you have to replace the top case assembly or you can try this hack.

Replacement palmrest/keyboard assembly available here:

Top case with motherboard removed

13 Responses

  1. Jarvis


    Thanks for detailed guide. I own same laptop and keyboard for this has gone bad. Do you have any idea if keyboard is also removable ?


  2. IML Tech

    @ Jarvis,
    The keyboard is permanently attached to the top case. In order to remove the keyboard you will have to remove the metal plate covering it. The metal plate is riveted to the top case.
    It’s doable but not easy.

  3. Qudsia

    Hi. I have this model laptop and it’s not turning on. No lights, no sounds, not even with AC adapter plugged in.

    The last thing I did may be responsible. I attached two mobile phone auxiliary charging devices to USB ports to get charged. Perhaps laptop went into sleep mode and those devices sucked up all battery power. But not sure why connecting AC power not working either.

    Steps so far:
    Pressed power button for few seconds to over a minute for a hard shut down. no response
    I checked AC adapter, it’s working fine with another laptop.
    I tried Windows+B+power button a few times. no response
    I tried Windows+V+power button a few times. no response

    If you can please help solve, I will make a donation. Thanks.

    • IML Tech

      Sounds like a power related issue. Here’s what I would try.
      1. Remove the bottom cover and disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard as it shown in the step 4. Plug in the AC adapter and see if you get any response with the battery unplugged.
      2. Check voltage at the connector where the DC jack plugs in into the motherboard. Make sure the voltage travels from the AC adapter to the motherboard. It’s possible you DC jack is bad.

  4. Qudsia Lone

    I tried #1, disconnecting battery cable from motherboard and laptop is working again! Thank you! So now, do I need to install a new battery or can I power up the existing one somehow? If I have to install a new one, can you please recommend an inexpensive but reliable place to get one?

    • IML Tech

      I don’t know the condition of your battery but I would definitely try the existing one. I’ve fixed many laptops simply by reconnecting the main battery. Hopefully it works for you. If you decide to go with a new battery, I would strongly advise buying a genuine HP battery instead of third-party replacements. You should be able to find a new battery using the HP part number from the original one.
      Probably it’s same battery LP03XL. Available on eBay for about $30.

  5. Qudsia

    Thank you again — the battery worked after reconnecting!
    Really appreciate all the guidance.
    I’ve made a donation using the link.
    Will share link with family and friends for this site.

  6. Judy

    Hi, I am curious, where did you get that skin? It looks nice and my laptops silver/chrome like color is wearing out by my wrists and looking really bad. Anyway, I used this, it was great! You’re the only person that has instructions on opening up this model! You’re awesome.

    • IML Tech

      @ Judy, this is my client’s computer. I’m not sure where where he bough it but it looks like there are many different options on the internet.

  7. Judy

    IML Tech,

    I’m thinking about cleaning my fan as I’ve seen on other videos with other laptops. Although, this model, it seems (according to your pics) that the fan is incased in some plastic holder. The videos I’ve watched the people have used quetips with alcohol to clean the fan. This doesn’t seem easy with this fan. Or do you think it opens as well? Or is it just one unit, and I’m just stuck with it as it is and the best way is just using condensed air (even though I tried that and it didn’t improve much).

    • IML Tech

      Judy, it looks like the cooling fan and heatsink is one unit and doesn’t open easily.
      Here’s what I suggest. Buy a can of compressed air or use an air-compressor. Spray air inside the fan until all dust is gone. This should be enough to remove most of the dust.
      I think cleaning the fan with Q-tips and alcohol is an overkill.

  8. Adrian

    To replace the palmrest/keyboard assembly, do I have to follow your disassembly guide starting from the bottom and removing everything as shown here, or is there a way to simply remove the palmrest/keyboard assembly from the top and replace it? I didn’t see where you removed the top, everything seemed to be removed from the bottom and then you got to the keyboard, a bit confused. Also it’s only my “T” key this isn’t very responsive, all my other keys work fine.

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