Full disassembly guide for MSI GE62 GP62 PE60

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MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 disassembly guide

Today I reveal to you a full disassembly guide for MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 gaming laptops and it will be very similar for MSI GE72 series.

All teardown instructions should be the same for many different models and configurations: MS-16J1, MS-16J2, MS-16J3… through MS-16J9.

In the first part of the disassembly guide I explain how to access and remove all internal components from the laptop case and I will show how display hinges fail on these models.

In the second part we’ll move to the display disassembly and screen removal.

Part 1. Taking apart the laptop case.


Remove one screw fastening the optical CD/DVD drive to the case. Pull the drive out.

Remove optical CD DVD drive


Remove all screws from the bottom case. Don’t forget about three screws (green circles) located in the optical drive bay.

Remove screws from bottom case


Carefully separate the bottom case from the top case starting from the optical drive area. You can use a plastic opener tool to pry open the case.

Separate bottom case from top cover


Remove the bottom case.

Remove bottom case


Remove one screw fastening the battery and slide it to the shown direction to disconnect it from the motherboard.

Remove laptop battery


Remove two screws from the hard drive mounting bracket.

Remove screws from hard drive bracket


Lift up the hard drive and disconnect it from the SATA port on the motherboard.

Disconnect hard drive from motherboard

MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 motherboards have two or three slots available for the solid state drive upgrade. In my case I didn’t have any SSDs installed but more expensive models come with SSDs installed at factory.

MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 SSD upgrade slots


There are two memory slots. You can remove and replace RAM modules if necessary.

Remove memory modules


Disconnect both antenna cables from the wireless card.

Disconnect antenna cables from wireless card

STEP 10.

Disconnect the display video cable from the motherboard.

First, unlock the connector by lifting up the locking tab. It will open up at a 90 degree angle.

Second, pull the cable out of the connector.

Disconnect display video cable

STEP 11.

The video cable and Wi-Fi antennas are routed on the side of the left fan. Remove them from the guided path.

Remove two screws securing the left fan and disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect left fan cable

STEP 12.

Remove two more screws from the right fan and disconnect the fan cable.

Disconnect right fan cable

STEP 13.

Remove eight screws fixing the heatsink module to the motherboard.

Remove screws from heatsink cooling module

STEP 14.

Remove the heatsink module.

Remove fans and heatsink

There are three screws fixing each cooling fan to the heatsink.

Remove screws fixing fan to heatsink

After you remove the screws, you can separate the cooling fan and replace it if necessary.

Separate fan from heatsink

STEP 15.

The DC power jack is mounted under the hinge.

Remove two screws from the hinge.

Remove two screws from display hinge

STEP 16.

Lift up the hinge so it opens up at a 60 degree angle.

Do you notice that in my case both screws are still attached to the hinge? That’s because both hinges in my laptop got completely detached from the top case but we’ll talk about hinge problems later in the post.

Access DC power jack

STEP 17.

Disconnect the DC jack cable from the motherboard and remove it.

Disconnect DC power jack cable and remove it

STEP 18.

Disconnect the speaker cable, lift up and remove the speaker.

Remove speaker

STEP 19.

There are two screw fixing the USB SD card reader board to the top case. Remove both screws.

Disconnect the cable from the board.

Remove the USB SD card reader board.

Remove USB SD card reader board

STEP 20.

Remove five screws from the motherboard.

Disconnect the touchpad and the speaker cable.

Disconnect motherboard cables and remove screws

STEP 21.

Separate the motherboard from the top case. Be careful, there are two keyboard cables connected to the board on the other side.

Remove motherboard

STEP 22.

Turn the motherboard upside down and disconnect both keyboard cables.

The narrow cable is for the backlight and the wide one is for the data.

Disconnect keyboard data and backlight cables

With the motherboard removed, we can take a closer look at the top case.

In MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 laptops the keyboard is permanently riveted to the top case and cannot be easily removed.

The touchpad is glued to the case.

If the keyboard failed, probably you are looking at the full top case replacement.

MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 keyboard attached to top case

MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 hinge failure

Now let’s take a look at different hinge failures.

When I opened up the laptop for the first time, I noticed it makes a loud clicking noise and the top case separates from the bottom in the hinge area. After I disassembled the laptop, I found the problem right away.

Both hinges were completely detached from the top case. All screw nuts that suppose to be anchored in the plastic housings got pulled out. The plastic sockets that suppose to secure the nuts got completely destroyed.

This is very similar to Dell Inspiron 15 7000 hinge problem.

Here’s the right hinge.

Right hinge detached from top case

Here’s the left hinge.

Left hinge detached from top case

If you have a problem with the hinges like that, you will have to remove the top case assembly and replace it with a new one.

Separate top case from display panel

As I mentioned earlier, the keyboard is permanently attached to the frame so you’ll have to replace the entire top case or find a way to reattach the keyboard to the new frame.

Replace top case assembly

In some cases the hinge problem might occur inside the display panel like shown on the following picture. The hinge gets detached from the display cover. You can try fixing it with standard machine screws but it will not look perfect.

To fix it the proper way, it’s necessary to take apart the display assembly and replace the back cover.

Hinge detached from display back cover

Part 2. Display disassembly and screen removal.

It is not necessary to remove the display in order to disassemble it. It can be done while the display is still attached to the laptop case.

In my example it’s removed only because I was doing the full laptop teardown.

MSI GE62 GP62 PE60 display disassembly


Start removing the screen bezel from the back cover on the top of the display assembly. Use a plastic case opener to separate two parts. Wiggle the bezel to unfasten it from the cover.

Separate screen bezel from back cover


Continue separating the bezel on the sides.

Continue removing screen bezel on sides


On the bottom the bezel is glued to the LCD screen with adhesive tape. Carefully separate the bezel from the screen.

Bezel glued to LCD screen on bottom


Remove the bezel.

Remove LCD screen bezel


Remove four screws attaching the LCD screen to the back cover.

Remove screws fastening LCD screen


Turns the screen upside down in order to access the video cable connector on the back.

Access video cable on back of LCD


Peel off clear tape securing the connection and unplug the video cable from the LCD screen.

Disconnect video cable from LCD

You can find a replacement screen using the part number printed on the original screen. In my case the part number is: LP156WF6 (SPXB1).

Replace LCD screen

After the LCD screen is removed, you can get full access to the video cable.

Replace video cable, hinges, back cover

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8 Responses

  1. Windara

    are you able to remove the processor from the board? And do you think the processor can work in desktop motherboard?
    I’ve the gp62 6qf model but unforunately the motherboard no longer working as I could not turn on.

  2. IML Tech

    @ Windara,
    You cannot remove the processor because it is soldered to the motherboard.

  3. Jorge Enrique Valle Suárez

    Do hoy know the parte # of the Speaker in step 18, i ask because I have a GL62VR 7RFX and it does not have it and I would like you buy one 🙂

  4. IML Tech

    @ Jorge Enrique Valle Suárez,
    I don’t know the part number but you can find this speaker on eBay.
    Search for “MSI GE62 speaker” and you will see a few listings for whole speaker sets, including one you need.

  5. Studio4

    I want to remove the “faceplate” that’s around the keyboard of my GE62 so I can do a custom airbrush job on it. Can you guide me how the remove that while leaving the keyboard itself intact and in place?

  6. IML Tech

    @ Stuido4,
    I don’t think it’s possible to remove just the faceplate. The faceplate is the top case (aka palmrest). In order to paint the top case you will have to remove the keyboard and trackpad. Both are permanently attached to the top case.
    The keyboard is riveted to the top case. The trackpad is glued to the top case.

    It’s possible to separate the keyboard from the top case if you break rivets but it’s not easy. Also, if you separate the keyboard, it will be hard to put it back together.

  7. Mohamed Higazy

    The three screws in green circles, i can’t remove them, can you recommend a specific screwdriver? They are like stuck

  8. Shy

    The keyboard removal will almost invariably require you to replace the palmrest since removing the rivets is not reversible. Has anyone tried removing the glued touchpad? I replaced the keyboard and palmrest, now I am trying to figure out how to transfer that.

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