Taking apart HP Pavilion x360 13-a010dx Convertible

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HP Pavilion x360 13-a010dx Convertible

Today I will be taking apart a HP Pavilion x360 13-a010dx Convertible PC. I will show how to teardown this Tablet laptop down to the motherboard.

By the way, both memory slots located on the bottom of the motherboard and it has to be removed in order to upgrade RAM modules.


Remove all screws from the bottom case. Some screws are hidden under the rubber feet and plastic covers.

Remove screws from bottom case

You can remove bottom feet and decorative covers using a needle nose tweezers.

Remove all hidden screws.

Some screws are hidden


Start separating the palmrest assembly from the bottom case using a plastic case opener or any other similar tool.

Separate palmrest assembly from bottom case

Continue separating the palmrest from the bottom.

Continue removing palmrest


Be careful removing the palmrest. There are two cables connected to the motherboard.

Keyboard and touchpad cables still attached

Turn the palmrest assembly upside down so you can access the cables.

Access keyboard and touchpad cables


Both connector has to be unlocked in order to release the cables. It’s done by lifting up the locking tab (red arrows).

Disconnect the keyboard and touchpad cables.

Unlock both connectors and remove cables

Here’s the palmrest/keyboard assembly removed from the laptop.

You can easily access and replace the touchpad if necessary but the keyboard is riveted to the frame.

If you have a failed keyboard on a HP Pavilion x360 13-a010dx, you will have to replace the entire top case assembly.

Replacement palmrest assemblies available here: https://ebay.to/39hD2Nt

HP Pavilion x360 13-a010dx top case assembly


Before removing the battery you’ll have to disconnect and remove the flat cable connecting the motherboard to the USB/audio board.

Disconnect USB audio board cable


Remove two screws securing the battery. Disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.

Replacement batteries available here: https://ebay.to/39ism0P

Remove laptop battery


Remove two screws securing the hard drive caddy.

Remove two screws from hard drive

Unlock the hard drive cable connector and release the cable.

Disconnect hard drive cable

Remove the hard drive assembly.

Remove hard drive

If you are replacing the hard drive or upgrading it to a SSD, you’ll have to transfer the caddy and the cable to the new drive.

Transfer caddy and cable to new drive


Remove two screws securing the cooling fan. Disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard.

Remove two fan screws and disconnect fan cable

Remove the fan.

Replacement fans available here: https://ebay.to/39hiswF

Remove cooling fan


Remove one screw from the USB/audio board.

Unplug the left speaker cable from the board.

Remove one screw from USB audio board

Remove the USB/audio board.

Replacement USB boards available here: https://ebay.to/2VEMMNu

Remove USB audio board

STEP 10.

Now we are going to remove the display assembly.

  1. Disconnect Wi-Fi antennas from the wireless card
  2. Disconnect both display cables from the motherboard.
  3. Remove four screws securing display hinges:

NOTE: one of the hinge screws (green circle) is shorten than other three screws. Pay attention during the re-assembly process.

Disconnect display cables and hinge screws

Disconnect both display cables the same way as all other flat cables.

How to disconnect display cable

Carefully unsnap the Wi-Fi antennas from the wireless card.

Disconnect Wi-Fi antennas from wireless card

Remove the display assembly.

Remove display assembly

STEP 11.

The DC jack can be removed after you remove the display assembly because the jack is mounted under the right hinge.

Unplug the DC jack cable from the motherboard. The connector is located on the bottom side but it’s easily accessible.

Disconnect DC jack cable

Remove the DC jack.

Replacement DC jacks available here: https://ebay.to/2Iq3AAl

Remove DC jack from laptop

Alternatively, you can remove the DC jack without removing the display. In order to do so you will have to remove the right hinge screws and lift it up as shown on the following picture.

This picture was taken for a different laptop but the idea is the same.

Lift up the hinge to access DC jack

STEP 12.

Disconnect the flat cable connecting the power button board to the motherboard. Remove one screw securing the board.

Disconnect power button board

Remove the power button board.

Replacement power button boards available here: https://ebay.to/3cp7R4D

Remove power button board

STEP 13.

Remove one screw securing the wireless card. The socket is located on the bottom side but it’s easily accessible.

Remove wireless card screw

Pull the wireless card out.

Remove wireless card

STEP 14.

Remove all screws securing the motherboard.

Remove screws from motherboard

STEP 15.

Lift up the left side of the motherboard and remove it from the bottom case.

Remove motherboard from bottom case

As I mentioned earlier, in HP Pavilion x360 13-a010dx laptop both memory slots are hidden on the bottom of the motherboard.

So it will take some effort to upgrade memory.

Replacement motherboards available here: https://ebay.to/38aWwSs

Access both memory slots

Here’s a picture of the bottom case with everything removed. Both speakers are still attached to the case.

Bottom case with everything removed

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