Taking apart Asus K52F

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Asus K52F disassembly

In this guide I’ll be taking apart an Asus K52F laptop.

I will go though the following disassembly steps:

STEP 1-4: Removing the bottom cover and accessing main internal components.
STEP 5-11: Remove the optical drive, hard drive and fan.
STEP 12-19: Disconnecting and removing the keyboard.

Before you start, make sure the computer is turned off.


Unlock and remove the battery.

Remove laptop battery


Remove five screws securing the cover on the bottom.

Remove screws from bottom cover


Lift up and remove the bottom cover.

Remove bottom cover


Under the cover you’ll be able access the following components:
– Both memory modules.
– CPU cooling fan and heatsink.
– Hard drive.
– Optical drive.

Access internal laptop components


Remove one screw securing the optical drive.

Pull the drive to the left and remove it.

Remove DVD drive


Remove four screws securing the hard drive mounting bracket.

Remove screws from hard drive


Slide the entire hard drive assembly to the right to disconnect it from the motherboard.

Disconnect hard drive


Lift up and remove the hard drive assembly.

Remove hard drive


Remove two screws securing the CPU cooling fan.

Disconnect the cooling fan cable from the motherboard.

Remove screws from fan

Here’s how to disconnect the fan cable.

Disconnect fan cable

STEP 10.

Remove the black tape between the cooling fan and heatsink.

Remove black tape

STEP 11.

Lift up and remove the CPU cooling fan.

Remove cooling fan

STEP 12.

Now I’ll remove the laptop keyboard.

NOTE: It’s not necessary to go though all previous disassembly steps in order to remove the keyboard.

The keyboard secured by five spring loaded latches on the top.

Keyboard latches

STEP 13.

Push on the first latch using a small flathead screwdriver.

Push the latch

STEP 14.

While the latch pushed in, insert a sharp object between the keyboard and top case and lift up the keyboard a little bit.

When you lift up the keyboard, it will not allow the latch to lock back in place.

Unlock all other latches using the same technique.

Lift up keyboard

STEP 15.

After all latches unlocked you should be able to lift up the keyboard.

Turn the keyboard upside down and place it on the palmrest.

Lift up keyboard

STEP 16.

Now you can access the keyboard cable connector.

Before removing the keyboard it’s necessary to unlock the connector and release the cable.

Turn keyboard upside down

STEP 17.

The keyboard connector has two parts:
– White connector base.
– Black cable retainer (moving part).

Slide the retainer about 1-2 millimeters to the shown direction.

Do not move it any further. The retainer must remain connected to the base.

Unlock keyboard cable connector

STEP 18.

On the following picture the connector shown in the unlocked position.

Now you can pull the keyboard cable and unplug it from the connector.

Disconnect keyboard cable

STEP 19.

Finally, you can remove the keyboard and replace it with a new one if needed.

Remove keyboard

4 Responses

  1. viraj

    Sir ,
    I have asus laptop…and its DVD writer …a spring is found me inside the DVD box detached with 2 metallic bars….i dont know how to fix it to get work again …could you pleaseeee help me….how to do…..what is the actual mechanism for DVD drive..so that i can figure out from where it has been displaced ?

    • IML Tech

      @ viraj,
      All drives are different and I don’t have instructions for fixing DVD drives. Probably it will be easier to replace the whole drive.

  2. john

    I have an asus k501j series notebook my powercord is good i read voltage where the power harness plugs into the power board but my laptop is still dead can you show me where the fuses are located before i decide the mother board may be the problem any help will be apericated thaank you

  3. Blue

    Is the processor detachable / replaceable? Im planning to buy a higher processor for my k52f. Is it possible to upgrade the CPU?

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