Replacing video cable on Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7559 7557

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Remove display from Dell Inspiron 15 7559 7557

Replacing failed video cable on a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7559 7557 is a relatively complicated and time consuming process. In my case the laptop had a touch screen and because of that the disassembly process was even more difficult.

Why do I replace the video cable? This laptop has developed a very annoying problem. As soon as you open the display more than 90 degrees, the backlight turns off. You move the display back and the backlight turns on.

I think the cable worn out causing a short inside the harness during the display movement.

In order to replace the video cable in a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7559 7557 the display assembly must be separated from the laptop. Check out my previous post for the display assembly removal help.

Display ready for video cable replacement

The display must be removed because the video cable is routed under the right hinge.

Video cable routed under the hinge

Here’s a different view at the video cable and how it’s attached to the hinge. You might need this picture during the reassembly process because it took me a moment to remember how the cable was routed.

Video cable inside the hinge view

The most difficult part is separating the touch screen digitizer assembly from the back cover because it’s seated very tightly. There are many hidden retainers/latches securing the assembly to the back cover.

If you have a regular non-touch screen, removing the bezel will be easy but this one is a pain in the neck.

You’ll need a plastic pry tool. Insert it between the screen/digitizer bezel and the back cover and separate one from the other.

The first plastic retainer on the back cover I met got cracked for sure.

Start separating touch screen bezel from back cover

I found it easier to remove the touch screen bezel if you insert the pry tool closer to the retainer/latch.

Insert pry tool between the bezel and back cover

And after that you pry the bezel upwards to unseat it from the retainer.

Unfasten display bezel

Continue separating the bezel on the upper side of the display.

Continue separating the back cover on the top

The hinge cover is a separate piece, not connected to the touch screen bezel.

Lift up the hinge cover using the pry tool.

Lift up hinge cover

Continue separating it from the bezel.

Continue removing hinge cover

Remove the hinge cover.

Hinge cover removed

Now you can remove the touch screen assembly and place it the front side down on the desk.

Separate screen digitizer assembly from back cover

Here are evil plastic retainers on the back cover and I cracked quite a few of them.

Let me tell you up front, when I reassembled everyhting back together the bezel seated back in place as normal even with all those damaged retainers.

Broken retainers on the back cover

Now, when the back cover is separated, you can access the video cable and start replacing it.

Access display video cable

Unroute the cable from the hinge.

Unroute cable from the hinge

Disconnect the video cable from the screen.

Disconnect video cable from the LCD screen

Peel off the video cable from the back cover until you get to the webcam.

New display cables available here:

Peel off the video cable from the back cover

You cannot simply unplug the cable from the webcam because the sticky tape (part of the cable) that secures the connection is wrapped up around the webcam.

You can cut off the sticky tape and unplug the cable without removing the webcam but I decided to do it the proper way.

If you decide to follow my way, carefully separate the webcam from the back cover. There is adhesive tape underneath.

Separate the webcam from the back cover

Unwrap the sticky tape.

Peel off sticky tape securing the connection

Unplug the cable from the webcam.

Unplug cable from the webcam

You can use this guide for the placing not just the video cable but also for replacing the LCD screen, hinges and webcam module.

Replacement LCD and bezel assemblies available here:

Replace LCD screen, hinges, video cable

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  1. Ryan

    I have the same computer and recently the backlight went out on the display, but touchscreen still works and I can shine a flashlight and see the display still works. Is this the same issue you were fixing in the tutorial by replacing the wiring?

    • IML Tech

      Yes, I had to replace the video cable because of the backlight issue. The backlight didn’t fail completely but it was cutting off when the display was moved back and forth.

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