HP 15 15g 15q Laptop PC disassembly

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HP 15 15g 15q Laptop PC disassembly.

In this guide I disassemble an HP 15 Laptop PC in order to evaluate the left display hinge damage.

The display hinge can be accessed and replaced only after you remove the display panel. While removing the display I will explain how to access and remove other major laptop components.

This disassembly guide should fit these HP 15 laptop configurations: 15-bs015dx, 15-bs020wm, 15-bs031wm, 15-bs033cl, 15-bs134wm, 15-bs144wm, 15-bs212wm, 15-bs234wm, 15-bs244wm, 15-bs289wm and probably many more.

Here’s a closer look at the damaged area. The hinge broke off of the LCD back cover and the display started splitting on the left side.

HP 15 Laptop PC with broken hinge

Start laptop disassembly with removing the main battery. Unlock the battery by sliding the left tab to the right (red arrow) and slide the right tab to the left (yellow arrow) to remove it.

Replacement batteries available here: https://ebay.to/39lfg39

Remove laptop battery

Remove one screw securing the optical DVD drive. Pull the drive out.

Remove optical DVD drive

Remove all screws from the bottom cover. Some screws are hidden under rubber feet.

Remove screws from bottom cover

In order to access hidden screws you have to lift up the rubber foot. It’s attached to the bottom cover by adhesive tape. Don’t remove the foot completely, just lift up enough to access the screw.

Access hidden screws under bottom feet

Start separating the palmrest assembly from the bottom cover. I’m using a plastic case opener tool. Insert the case opener under the palmrest and slowly move along the side disengaging hidden latches.

Separate palmrest assembly from bottom cover

Remove the bottom cover completely.

Remove bottom cover

Remove one screw securing the hard drive caddy.

Remove one screw from hard drive caddy

Pull the hard drive out. This step is not necessary for the display removal. I’m doing that in order to backup customer’s data.

Remove hard drive

Remove one screw securing the wireless card. Disconnect both antenna cables from the wireless card. These cables are labeled as 1 and 2 matching connector numbers on the wireless card. In order to disconnect the cable you simply lift up the golden antenna connector using tweezers and unsnap it from the card.

Disconnect wireless antenna cables

Pull the wireless card out.

Remove wireless card

STEP 10.
Peel off the black tape securing the display cable connector.

Peel off tape from display connector

STEP 11.
Unplug the display video cable from the motherboard.

Unplug display cable from motherboard

STEP 12.
Unroute the display cable and wireless antennas from the guided path.

Unroute cables from guided path

STEP 13.
Remove one screw securing the cooling fan.

Remove one screw securing cooling fan

STEP 14.
Lift up the cooling fan, disconnect the cable and remove it.

Replacement fans available here: https://ebay.to/2PH5QH5

Remove cooling fan

STEP 15.
Remove two screws securing the left hinge to the palmrest assembly.

Remove two screws from left hinge

STEP 16.
Lift up the left hinge as it shown on the picture.

By the way, the DC power jack is mounted under the left hinge. If you need to replace the DC jack, you can do it now. Lift up the DC jack and unplug the cable. This step is not necessary for the display removal.

Replacement DC jacks available here: https://ebay.to/2wu9TQh

Lift up left hinge

STEP 17.
Remove three screws securing the right hinge.

Remove screws from right hinge

STEP 18.
Lift up the hinge.

Lift up right hinge

STEP 19.
With both hinges opened up, we can separate the palmrest assembly from the display.

Separate display assembly from palmrest

HP 15 15g 15q Laptop LCD screen removal

STEP 20.
With the display panel removed we can start taking it apart. Carefully separate the LCD bezel from the back cover. Wiggle the bezel to disengage hidden latches.

Start separating LCD bezel from back cover

STEP 21.
Remove the LCD bezel.

Remove LCD bezel

STEP 22.
Now you can access one screw securing the silver hinge cover.
Remove the screw.

Remove one screw from hinge cover

STEP 23.
Remove the right hinge cover.

The left side of the display completely messed up. The left hinge broke off of the LCD cover, all screw anchors ripped off and the hinge cover is broken.

Left display hinge damaged

STEP 24.
The LCD screen and hinges are secured by six silver screws (color-coded in red) and six black screws (color-coded in green).

Replacement LCD screens available here: https://ebay.to/38p6waB

Screw securing LCD screen and hinges

STEP 25.
After removing all these screws we can remove the display hinges with the LCD screen and replace them if necessary.

Remove hinges and LCD screen

All components attached to the palmrest assembly can be easily accessed and removed if necessary.

HP 15-bs033cl motherboard has two memory slots. The CMOS battery is a regular CR2032 Lithium 3V coin battery. It’s located on the right side from the RAM slots.
The keyboard is permanently riveted to the palmrest assembly and cannot be easily removed.

Replacement palmrest/keyboard assemblies available here: https://ebay.to/2PH6unZ

Internal laptop components

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Just in case if you need it, here’s a link to the official service manual for HP 15 15g 15q Laptop PC

In the service manual you will find complete disassembly instructions and list of spare parts numbers used in the laptop.

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  1. Tim

    I have this laptop and the fan started making grinding noise. I want to find a replacement fan before taking it apart. Would you help me to find the correct fan for my laptop? Where I can buy it?

    • IML Tech

      Tim, you can see the fan part number in the step 13. It’s 925012-001. Google the part number and you’ll find the replacement fan for your laptop. It’s available from Amazon or eBay.

  2. Richard

    Super helpful article! I’m replacing a screen after my neighbor tried to put his fist through it. (He dual boots to Linux, and Windows overwrote his boot partition one time too many.) I hadn’t found the service manual on HP’s website, so thank you for posting the link!

    • IML Tech

      You are very welcome! I’m glad to help. Good luck with the screen replacement.