How to replace screen on Acer Aspire one D255E

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In this guide I explain how to remove and replace the LCD screen on an Acer Aspire one D255E netbook.

As you see, in my case it was cracked.


First of all, make sure the netbook is turned off.

Unlock and remove the battery.


Remove the screw cover from the left lower corner of the display assembly.

Remove the screw.


Remove the screw cover from the lower right corner of the display assembly.

Remove the screw.


Start separating the display bezel from the back cover. I’m using the guitar pick for that but you can use any piece of plastic.

Insert the guitar pick between the bezel and back cover and separate one from the other. At the same time insert your fingers under the bezel.


Continue removing the bezel with your finger and guitar pick.


Remove the bezel from the display assembly.


Remove four screws securing the LCD.


Before you remove the screen you’ll have to disconnect one cable from the web camera module.


Carefully unplug the web camera cable. Do not pull by the cable. Unplug the connector by the edges.

STEP 10.

Separate the LCD from the display back cover and place it the front side down on the palmrest assembly.

STEP 11.

The web camera cable glued to the back side of the screen.

STEP 12.

Carefully unglue the web camera cable.

STEP 13.

Remove clear tape securing the video cable connection.

STEP 14.

Disconnect the video cable.

STEP 15.

Remove the failed screen and replace it with a new one.

Assemble the display back together following all disassembly steps in the reverse order.

In order to find a new replacement LCD screen you can search by the model number printed on the back of the original part.

My Acer Aspire one D255E had this LCD installed: N101L6-L0D.

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  1. James Hinman

    I am having challenges with my dv5 webcam device. I have reinstalled the Cyberlinks youcam driver, ATI vidio card, HP Quickplay and I keep getting the notice “NO WEBCAM DEVICE FOUND”. What would you suggest is the fix and how would I go about doing it? Thanks for the great video on taking apart the dv5.

  2. Dominic

    I was able to get the screen off really easy with these instructions i would have never been able too with out this instructions

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