How to disassemble Toshiba Satellite C55D C55

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How to disassemble Toshiba Satellite C55D C55

In this post I show how to disassemble Toshiba Satellite C55D C55 laptops. In the first part I will take apart the laptop base and in the second part will remove the LCD screen.

You can use this disassembly guide for the following Toshiba Satellite models:

  • C55D-A5107, C55D-A5108, C55D-A5102, C55D-A5146, C55D-A5150, C55D-A5163, C55D-A5170, C55D-A5175, C55D-A5201, C55D-A5206
  • C55-A5100, C55-A5104, C55-A5105, C55-A5126, C55-5137, C55-5140, C55-A5166, C55-A5172, C55-A5180, C55-A5180
  • C50-A, C55-A, C50D-A, C55D-A

How to disassemble the laptop base.


Unlock and remove the battery.

Remove one screw fastening the service cover. Remove the cover.

Replacement batteries available here:

Remove battery and service cover


Remove one screw securing the optical CD DVD drive (yellow circle). Pull the drive out and removed it from the base.

Remove one screw securing the hard drive assembly (red circle).

Remove optical CD DVD drive


Lift up the back side of the hard drive using the aluminum tab on the shielding.

Pull the hard drive to the right to disconnect it from the motherboard and remove it from the base.

Remove hard drive


There are two memory RAM slots on the motherboard. Remove the memory module. This step is optional and you can leave the memory module connected.

Remove memory RAM module


In order to remove the keyboard you’ll have to remove only one screw on the bottom.

Remove screw fastening keyboard


Removing the keyboard can be a little bit tricky on Toshiba Satellite C55D C55 laptops.

There are seven hidden latches securing the keyboard to the palmrest assembly. You need a thin metal case opener (or a knife) to unfasten these latches.

Seven latches securing keyboard to palmrest

Insert the case opener between the keyboard and palmrest so the latch moves inside.

Unfasten hidden keyboard latch

Lift up the keyboard to detach it from the latch.

Separate keyboard from palmrest


Unfasten all latches and separate the keyboard from the top case.

Remove keyboard from base


Move the keyboard towards the LCD screen to access the cable underneath.

Access keyboard cable

Here’s how to release the cable.

  1. Slide the locking tab about 2 millimeters up (red arrows).
  2. Pull the keyboard cable out.

Now you can remove the keyboard completely.

Replacement keyboards available here:

Unlock connector and remove keyboard cable


If you are going to remove the motherboard, you will have to disconnect the touchpad and speakers cables.

Disconnect touchpad and speakers cable

Here’s how to release the touchpad cable:

  1. Unlock the connector by lifting up the locking tab (red arrow). It will open up at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Pull the touchpad cable out of the connector.
How to release touchpad cable

STEP 10.

Remove all screws fastening the bottom case. Don’t forget about two screws (yellow circles) located in the hard drive bay.

Remove screws fastening bottom case

STEP 11.

Detach the bottom case from the rest of the laptop.

Remove bottom case

STEP 12.

Remove two screws attaching the cooling fan to the top case. Unplug the fan cable from the motherboard.

Remove screws securing cooling fan

STEP 13.

Remove the cooling fan.

Replacement fans available here:

Remove cooling fan

STEP 14.

Disconnect the DC power jack cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect DC power jack cable from motherboard

STEP 15.

Remove the DC jack harness.

Replacement DC jacks available here:

Remove DC jack harness

STEP 16.

Disconnect the power button board cable (red square).

Disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna cable from the wireless card (red arrow).

Disconnect the USB board cable (yellow circle).

Remove one screw securing the motherboard to the top case.

Disconnect cables from motherboard

STEP 17.

Separate the motherboard from the top case. Be careful because the video cable is still attached to the other side.

Replacement motherboards available here:

Remove motherboard from laptop base

STEP 18.

Turn the motherboard upside down to access the video cable connector.

Access display video cable

Peel off sticky tape securing the connection and unplug the video cable connector from the motherboard.

Unplug video cable from motherboard

There are a few components still attached to the top case:

  • Power button board
  • USB board
  • Touchpad and touchpad button board
Power button board mounted under hinge

STEP 19.

The power button board is mounted under the hinge. Remove two screws securing the hinge.

Lift up the hinge so it opens up at a 60-90 degree angle.

Remove two screws from hinge

STEP 20.

Remove the metal plate covering the power button board.

Remove one screw securing the board.

Remove metal plate

STEP 21.

Remove the power button board.

Replacement power button boards available here:

Remove power button board

How to remove the LCD screen.

Now I will show how to remove the LCD screen. It can be done while the display is still attached to the laptop base. You don’t have to go though all previous disassembly steps.


Remove two screws from the lower side of the screen bezel. These screws are hidden under two stickers.

How to remove LCD screen from Toshiba Satellite C55D C55


Start separating the screen bezel from the back cover on the upper side of the display assembly.

Separate LCD screen bezel from back cover


Continue removing the bezel on the display sides.

Continue removing bezel on display sides


Remove the bezel completely.

Remove LCD screen bezel


Remove four screws securing the LCD screen to the back cover.

Remove screws from LCD screen


Separate the back cover from the screen and access the video cable connector on the back.

Access video cable


Peel off the sticky tape securing the connection and unplug the video cable from the screen.

Unplug video cable from LCD screen


Remove three screws securing the LCD screen to the right side bracket.

Remove three more screws from the left bracket.

Remove screws from side brackets


Now you can remove the LCD screen and replace it with a new one if necessary.

You can find a new replacement screen using the part number printed on the back. In my case it is LTN156AT32-T01.

Replacement LCD screens available here:

Remove and replace LCD screen

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