How to disassemble Acer Aspire 5250

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Acer Aspire 5250-0437 disassembly

In this guide I explain how to disassemble an Acer Aspire 5250 laptop.

In my example I’m working with Aspire 5250-0437 model.

In the first part of the guide I will take apart the laptop base (steps  1-20).

In the second part I will disassemble the display panel (steps 21-29).

Before you start, make sure it’s turned off.


Unlock and remove the battery.

Remove battery


There are six spring-loaded latches securing the keyboard on the top.

In order to open up the latch push on it with a small flathead screwdriver.

When you push on the latch, it will move inside the case and the keyboard will lift up a little bit preventing the latch from moving back in the locked position.

Do the same with all six latches.

Unlock keyboard


Lift up the keyboard. Turn it upside down and place on the palm rest.

Lift up keyboard


Before you remove the keyboard completely, it’s necessary to unlock the connector and release the cable.

Keyboard connector


Slide the cable retainer about 1-2 millimeters to the shown direction.

This will unlock the connector.

Open connector


Pull the cable.

Release cable


Remove the keyboard from the laptop.

Remove keyboard


Remove two screws securing the service cover on the bottom.

Remove the cover.

Remove bottom cover


Under the cover you can access the hard drive, both RAM modules,Wi-Fi card and CMOS battery.

In order to remove the hard drive you’ll have to:

– Remove one screw securing the hard drive caddy.
– Slide the hard drive assembly to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard.

Access hard drive and RAM

STEP 10.

Remove one screw securing the optical drive.

Slide the optical drive to the left and pull it out of the case.

Remove optical drive

STEP 11.

Remove all screws from the bottom.

Remove bottom screws

STEP 12.

Remove screws securing the top cover (palm rest) assembly.

Disconnect the power button cable, touchpad cable and both speaker cables.

Disconnect top cover

STEP 13.

Unlock and disconnect the power button and touchpad cables the same way you disconnected the keyboard cable.

Unplug trackpad cable

STEP 14.

Unplug both speaker cables as it shown on the following picture.

Disconnect speaker cable

STEP 15.

Start separating the top cover assembly from the bottom case.

Lift up top cover

STEP 16.

Remove the top cover assembly.

Remove palm rest

STEP 17.

On the other side of the top cover you can access:

– Both speakers.
– Power button board.
– Touchpad.

Access touchpad

STEP 18.

Now we are going to remove the cooling fan.

Cooling fan

STEP 19.

Remove three screws securing the fan.

Remove fan screws

STEP 20.

Remove the fan from the case and disconnect the cable.

The fan connector is located on the other side of the motherboard.

Disconnect fan

The following steps explain how to disassemble the display panel and remove the screen.

STEP 21.

There are two screw covers located in the lower left and right corners of the screen bezel.

Remove both covers with a sharp object. Remove both screws.

Remove screw cover

STEP 22.

Insert fingers between the bezel and screen and start separating the bezel from the display cover.

I’m using a guitar pick to split the case.

Wiggle the bezel to unlock hidden latches.

Separate bezel

STEP 23.

Continue removing the bezel.

Continue removing bezel

STEP 24.

The bezel has been removed.

Remove screen bezel

STEP 25.

Remove three screw securing the screen to the right hinge bracket.

Right hinge screws

STEP 26.

Remove three more screws from the left bracket.

Left hinge screws

STEP 27.

Separate the LCD screen from the cover.

Now you can access the display cable in the back.

Separate LCD from cover

STEP 28.

Remove sticky tape securing the connection.

Unplug the display cable from the screen.

Disconnect display cable

STEP 29.

Remove the LCD screen completely and replace it with a new one if necessary.

Remove screen

You can search for a new replacement screen using the part number from the original part.

In my Acer Aspire 5250 I had the following LCD part number: LP156WH4 (TL)(A1).

New screen part number

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  1. Hudson

    Hey! I got an Acer aspire (don’t remember the model name), and I just wanted to replace the hard drive, is it necessary to take the keyboard out before I can take out the service cover? I have a different laptop and I didn’t need to take the keyboard out, I just took the 3 screws securing the panel.. The laptop I took the three screws out was an Acer Aspire 5560G

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