How to disassemble HP ProBook 5310m

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HP ProBook 5310m notebook disassembly

The following set of instructions was made for a HP ProBook 5310m notebooks.

I will show how to disassemble it in order to access and clean up the cooling fan.

Also, you can use this guide for replacing the keyboard and other internal components.

First of all, make sure the computer is turned off.


Unlock the remove the battery.

Remove notebook battery


Loosen two screws securing the service cover.

Loosen two screws


Slide the service cover to the shown direction.

Remove the cover.

Remove service cover


Under the service cover you can access the folioing internal components:
– Hard drive.
– Wireless card.
– RAM (memory) module. HP ProBook 5310m notebooks have only one memory slot.
– CMOS (RTC) battery.

Access internal notebook components


Loosen one silver screw and remove two black screws securing the hard drive assembly.

Slide the hard drive assembly to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard.

Remove screws from hard drive


Lift up and remove the hard drive assembly.

Remove hard drive


Remove four screws securing the keyboard.

Remove keyboard screws


Start separating the keyboard from the bottom cover.

I’m using a guitar pick for that.

Start removing notebook keyboard


Continue separating the keyboard from the top cover assembly.

Continue removing notebook keyboard

STEP 10.

Lift up the top side of the keyboard and move it towards the display so you can access the keyboard cable underneath.

Lift up keyboard

STEP 11.

Before you remove the keyboard it’s necessary to unlock the connector and release the cable.

Access keyboard cable connector

STEP 12.

Here’s how to unlock the connector.

Lift up the left side of the cable retainer with your fingernail.

The retainer will open up at a 90 degree angle.

Unlock keyboard connector

STEP 13.

Pull the keyboard cable from the connector.

Release keyboard cable

STEP 14.

Now you can remove the keyboard and replace it with a new one if needed.

Remove notebook keyboard

STEP 15.

On the following picture you see the notebook with the keyboard removed.

Now you have limited access to the cooling fan.

Access cooling fan

STEP 16.

If the fan is dusty, you can blow it off using an air compressor or canned air.

Clean up cooling fan

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    Hi, can you show how to remove BIOS chip? My girlfriend’s last boyfriend set a password on hdd and bios and now she can’t do anything.

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