Taking apart Toshiba Satellite L840 L845 C840 C845 M840

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Toshiba Satellite L840 L845 C840 C845 M840

In this guide I will be taking apart a Toshiba Satellite L840 laptop.

Toshiba has the same user’s manual for the following models:

Satellite and Satellite Pro L840/L840D, L845/L845D, M840/M845, L800/L800D, M800/M805, C840/C840D, C800/C800D, C805/C805D, C845/C845D

I assume that all disassembly steps in this guide can be used for taking apart all these models. The guide has two parts: laptop body disassembly and screen removal. Both parts are independent from each other.

Part1. Laptop body disassembly.


Unlock and remove the battery.

Remove two screws securing the service hatch. Remove the hatch.

Replacement batteries available here: https://ebay.to/39dGicu

Remove batter and service hatch


Remove one screw (red circle) securing the CD/DVD drive and pull the drive out.

Remove one screw (yellow) securing the hard drive caddy. Slide the hard drive to the right to disconnect it from the motherboard. Remove the hard drive (already removed on my picture).

Also, under the service hatch you can access both memory modules and CMOS battery.

Access CD DVD drive, hard drive, memory, CMOS battery


For the keyboard removal you’ll need a thin metal case opener or any other similar tool.

Insert the case opener between the keyboard and the palmrest.

Start removing keyboard


Gently pry the keyboard up and away from the palmrest.

Separate keyboard from top case


Continue separating the keyboard from the palmrest.

Unfasten keyboard on bottom


Pull the keyboard away from the display to disengage it from the top cover.

Pull keyboard out


Place the keyboard upside down on the palmrest to access the cable connector underneath.

Access keyboard cable


Unlock the connector by lifting up the locking tab (red arrow).

Release the cable and remove the keyboard.

Replacement keyboards available here: https://ebay.to/2TfpEne

Disconnect keyboard cable


Remove four screw from the top case.

Disconnect the follwoing cables I color coded:

  • Touchpad cable (red)
  • Speaker cable (orange)
  • Power button cable (green)
  • Display video cable (yellow)
Remove screws and disconnect cable from top case

Here’s how to release flat cables (red and green). Unlock the connector (red arrow) and pull the cable out.

Disconnect touchpad cable

Peel off sticky tape securing the connection (yellow) and pul the display video cable out.

Disconnect display video cable

STEP 10.

Remove all screws from the bottom case. “Green” screws are shorter than “red” screws.

Remove screws from bottom case

STEP 11.

Remove the bottom case.

Remove bottom case

Now we can access all internal laptop components.

Access internal laptop components

STEP 12.

Disconnect the DC jack cable from the motherboard and remove it.

Replacement DC jacks available here: https://ebay.to/3csstsA

Remove DC jack power harness

STEP 13.

Remove two screws (red) securing the fan. Loosen three screws (green) securing the heatsink.

Disconnect the fan cable.

Remove screws from fan and disconnect cable

STEP 14.

Remove the cooling module. While removing it, pay attention to how the black wireless antenna cable is routed on the side of the fan.

Remove heatsink fan assembly

Here’s the other side of the cooling module.

Replacement cooling fans available here: https://ebay.to/3csUoIX

Access cooling fan

STEP 15.

Disconnect both Wi-Fi antenna cables from the wireless card.

The wireless antennas attached to the motherboard by electrical tape. Pay attention how both antennas are routed on the motherboard.

Disconnect Wi-Fi antennas

STEP 16.

Remove three screws securing the motherboard.

Remove screws from motherboard

STEP 17.

Lift up the right side of the motherboard and remove it from the top case.

Remove motherboard from laptop

Here’s the other side of the board.

Bottom side of motherboard

The power button board and the touchpad are still attached to the top case. They can be easily removed if necessary.

Access power button board and touchpad

Part2. Laptop screen removal.

As I mentioned earlier, this part of the guide is independent from the first part. Don’t forget to remove the battery before taking apart the display assembly.

STEP 18.

The display bezel is secured to the back cover by four hidden screws. One screw is located in each corner of the bezel under the decorative covers.

Remove the covers using needle nose tweezers and remove all four screws.

Remove screws from display bezel

STEP 19.

Start separating the bezel from the back cover on the top. Use a plastic case cracker and your fingers.

Wiggle the bezel to unfasten it from the back cover.

Separate display bezel from back cover

STEP 20.

Continue removing the bezel on both sides of the display and then move to the hinge area.

Continue removing display bezel

STEP 21.

Remove the bezel.

Display bezel removed

STEP 22.

The webcam cable is glued to the back of the LCD screen.

Disconnect the cable from the webcam before removing the screen.

Disconnect webcam cable

STEP 23.

Remove two screws securing the hinges to the back cover.

Remove screws from hinges

STEP 24.

Separate the back cover from the screen and place it on the desk.

There are two screws securing the screen to the hinge bracket on each side. Remove them from each side.

Remove screws from hinge brackets

STEP 25.

Place the LCD screen the front side down on the palmrest. Now you can access the cable.

Access display cable

STEP 26.

Unglue the webcam cable from the back of the screen.

Separate webcam cable from LCD screen

STEP 27.

Peel off clear tape securing the connection. Unplug the display video cable from the screen.

Unplug display video cable from LCD screen

STEP 28.

Remove the LCD screen and replace it with a new one if necessary.

Replacement LCD screens model LP140WH4 (TL)(N1) available here: https://ebay.to/39hkMUp

Remove and replace LCD screen

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