How to disassemble Gateway NV57H57u and replace DC jack

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Gateway NV57H57u disassembly

In this guide I will disassemble a Gateway NV57H57u in order to access and replace failed DC jack harness.

In my case the DC jack started failing and the laptop was charging only when the AC adapter plug positioned correclty.

Also, you can use this guide for removing the top cover assembly, replacing the keyboard or cleaning the cooling fan.

Before you start the disassembly process make sure it’s turned off.


Slide the orange lock to the right to unlock the battery.

Lift up and remove the battery.

Unlock and remove laptop battery


Loosen two screws securing the service cover.

Lift up and remove the service cover.

Remove screws from service cover


Under the service cover you can access the hard drive, both RAM (memory) modules and wireless card.

Access hard drive and memory


Here’s how to remove the hard drive.

Slide it to the left side to disconnect from the motherboard.

Now you can lift up and remove the hard drive assembly.

Remove laptop hard drive


Remove one screw securing the optical drive.

Slide the optical drive to the left and

Remove laptop optical drive


Remove all shown screws from the bottom.

It’s not necessary to remove the wireless card for the purpose of my repair but I’ll show how to remove just in case in the following two steps.

Remove screws from laptop bottom


Disconnect both antenna cables from the wireless card.

Remove one screw securing the wireless card.

Disconnect wireless antennas


Pull the wireless card from the slot.

Remove wireless card


Now you can start separating the palmrest assembly from the bottom case. I’m using a guitar pick for that.

Start separating palmrest

STEP 10.

Continue separating the palmrest assembly from the bottom case.

Lift up palmrest

STEP 11.

Be careful, the trackpad cable still connected to the motherboard.

I’ll show how to unlock the connector and release the cable in steps 14-15.

Palmrest connected to motherboard

STEP 12.

Lift up the keyboard assembly and move it towards the display so you can access the keyboard cable underneath the assembly.

Lift up laptop keyboard

STEP 13.

In order to remove the keyboard assembly and palmrest completely, it’s necessary to unlock three connectors and release cables.

Cables left to right:
– Power button cable.
– Trackpad cable.
-Keyboard cable.

Disconnect keyboard and trackpad cables

STEP 14.

All three connectors are similar and here’s how to unlock them.

Slide the cable retainer (brown piece) towards the cable about 1-2 millimeters.

The retainer must remain connected to the base.

Unlock cable connector

STEP 15.

On the following picture the same connector shown in the unlocked position.

Now you can pull the cable from the connector.

Release keyboard cable

STEP 16.

Remove the keyboard assembly.

Remove keyboard assembly

STEP 17.

Here’s the bottom side of the keyboard assembly.

I’m not going to separate the keyboard from the cover in this guide but it shouldn’t be very difficult.

I guess after you remove the screws, the keyboard can be separated from the cover and replaced (if necessary).

Access laptop keyboard

STEP 18.

Remove the palmrest/trackpad assembly.

Remove laptop palmrest assembly

STEP 19.

On the following picture the laptop is shown with the keyboard assembly and palmrest assembly removed.

The DC jack located in the upper left corner.

In a Gateway NV57H57u laptop the DC jack attached to a harness. If the jack failed, there is no need to solder anything. Just unplug the failed DC jack harness from the motherboard and replace it with a new one.

By the way, when the keyboard assembly removed, you can get some limited access to the cooling fan. It should be enough for cleaning.

If the fan is dusty, just blow compress air into the fan until it’s clean.

Unfortunately, in order to remove and replace the cooling fan it’s necessary to remove the motherboard first.

Top cover removed

STEP 20.

The DC jack cable routed under the left speaker and we’ll have to remove the speaker.

Remove two screws securing the left speaker.

Disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect left speaker

STEP 21.

Lift up and remove the left speaker.

Remove left speaker

STEP 22.

Disconnect the display (video) cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect display (LCD) cable

STEP 23.

The DC jack cable connector located on the bottom side of the motherboard but it’s possible to replace the DC jack harness without removing the motherbaord.

DC power jack connected to motherboard

STEP 24.

The DC jack connector located under the display connector.

When you unplug the cable pay attention how the DC jack cable connector is positioned.

Plugging it back as not as easy as disconnecting because the connector located on the bottom side of the motherboard.

Disconnect DC power jack cable

STEP 25.

The DC jack harness routed under the left hinge.

Remove three screws securing the left hinge.

Remove three screws from left hinge

STEP 26.

Lift up the left side of the display assembly and move it a little bit away so you can access the DC jack cable.

Separate left hinge from laptop bottom

STEP 27.

Lift up the DC jack from the case.

Lift up DC jack from laptop case

STEP 28.

Now you should be able to remove and replace the failed DC jack harness with a new one.

Remove and replace DC jack harness

Here’s what I did in order to plug the new DC jack cable back into the motherboard.

Remove two shown screws securing the motherboard to the bottom case.

Remove two screws securing motherboard

Now you can lift up the motherboard just enough to get a better access to the DC jack connector.

Plug in the cable and secure the motherboard.

Lift up motherboard and plug in DC jack

Assemble the laptop back together following all disassembly steps in the reverse direction.

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