Taking apart HP Pavilion dv6. Guide 2.

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HP Pavilion dv6 disassembly

Today I post my second take-apart guide for HP Pavilion dv6 laptops.

HP Pavilion dv6 models have different body styles and they have different disassembly procedures. The following guide will work for dv6-6000 series.

In this particular case I’m taking apart an HP Pavilion dv6-6013cl.

You will find links to other dv6 models at the end of this guide.


How to disassemble MacBook Pro 15″ (Mid 2010) and replace the keyboard

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In the following guide I explain how to disassemble a MacBook Pro 15″ (Mid 2010) in order to remove and replace the keyboard.

In my case something sticky was spilled on the keyboard and it stopped working completely. In fact, the laptop didn’t even start with the damaged keyboard connected to the motherboard.

I confirmed that this is just a failed keyboard by turning it on using the power-on pads.

The keyboard is attached to the internal side of the top cover assembly. In order to remove and replace the keyboard the entire MacBook Pro (MBP) has to be disassembled.


How to replace screen on HP Pavilion g7

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In this guide I show how to remove and replace damaged or failed LCD screen on a HP Pavilion g7.

As you see, in my case it’s broken. It’s cracked badly and the left side doesn’t show any image.

Make sure the computer is turned off before you start the disassembly process.


How to replace cracked screen on Dell Inspiron 14z

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In the following guide I explain how to replace a cracked or failed LCD screen on a Dell Inspiron 14z laptop.

In my case I’ll be fixing a Dell Inspiron 14z-N411z model.

The replacement procedure is relatively simple and all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and guitar pick (or any other piece of plastic).