Fix MacBook Pro liquid spill yourself

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Liquid spilled on MacBook Pro laptop

In this post I will go though steps explaining how to fix a MacBook Pro after liquid spill.

Not all liquid spills can be repaired but if you do everything correctly there is a good chance to get your computer back to life.

In the following example I am working with a MacBook Pro 13-inch but all following steps will be the same for all MBPs.

VERY IMPORTANT: After you spilled something on your laptop turn it off right away. Do not try to turn it on! It has to be disassembled for liquid damage inspection.


Turning on MacBook Pro without power button

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Sometimes, when you troubleshoot a MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air problem you need to turn it on without using the power button. Is it possible? Yes, it is!

In these laptops (unibody style) the power button is permanently attached to the keyboard. Basically, it’s a part of the keyboard as you can see on the following picture.

Macbook Pro power button

If the keyboard failed (let’s say you spilled liquid on it) and the power button stopped working there is a workaround for turning it on.

You cannot use this method to turn on your MBP on a daily basis but it is a good troubleshooting technique. It might help to figure our if the motherboard still works even though the computer doesn’t turn on when you push on the power button.

You can turn it on by shorting the power-on pads with a small flathead screwdriver for a couple of seconds. The power-on pads located on the motherboard. In order to access them you’ll have to remove the bottom cover and it’s very easy.


How to disassemble MacBook Pro 15″ (Mid 2010) and replace the keyboard

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In the following guide I explain how to disassemble a MacBook Pro 15″ (Mid 2010) in order to remove and replace the keyboard.

In my case something sticky was spilled on the keyboard and it stopped working completely. In fact, the laptop didn’t even start with the damaged keyboard connected to the motherboard.

I confirmed that this is just a failed keyboard by turning it on using the power-on pads.

The keyboard is attached to the internal side of the top cover assembly. In order to remove and replace the keyboard the entire MacBook Pro (MBP) has to be disassembled.


Replacing broken screen on iPod Touch 4th generation

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In this post I show how I replaced broken screen on my son’s iPod Touch 4th generation (with camera).

It was cracked very badly in many different places making it hard to use.

I have never fixed any iPod before. This was my first iPod related repair.

For this repair you’ll need the following:


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