Upgrading hard drive in Sony Vaio PCG-V505DXP

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Upgrade hard drive in Sony Vaio

Here’s how I upgraded the hard drive in a Sony Vaio PCG-V505DXP laptop.

It had an older 60GB 4200RPM IDE HDD (Toshiba MK6021GAS) installed. The original one failed and I decided to upgrade it with a faster one.

I installed an inexpensive 120GB 5400RMP WD Scorpio IDE drive (WD12000BEVE) and it works like a charm.

The drive replacement procedure is pretty simple and here it is.


How to open Dell battery

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Take apart Dell laptop battery

Here’s how I was able to open the battery from my Dell. I had to take it apart because the locking mechanism was broken. I decided to fix it by using the locking mechanism from another similar dead Dell battery.
I wasn’t sure if I can open the battery because it looked sealed.

To my surprise, it wasn’t difficult but you have to be very careful. If something goes wrong you can (and most likely will) destroy the battery or will not be able to assemble it back together. Proceed on your own risk.


How to replace fan in Toshiba Tecra S1

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Cooling fan Tecra S1

In the following guide I explain how to replace the cooling fan in a Toshiba Tecra S1 laptop.

The fan is a part of the cooling assembly, it’s permanently attached to the heatsink. If it started making noise, you’ll have to replace the entire cooling assembly.

There are two different assemblies out there. The older assembly has part number V000020030 and newer one has part number V000020970. You can use either of them because they are interchangeable.


How to upgrade memory in Dell Latitude D610

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Upgrade memory Dell Latitude D610

Dell Latitude D610 laptop has two memory slots available for upgrades.

This model can take up to 2GB RAM total, so you can install up to 1GB module in each slot.

You should use PC2-4200 DDR2-533 SODIMM RAM.

Your computer will work in dual channel mode (recommended) if you install two identical memory modules. In my case, I’m going to install two 1GB PC2-4200 modules.


Taking apart Fujitsu LifeBook V series

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Fujitsu LifeBook V series notebook

This guide will help you take apart a Fujitsu LifeBook V series notebook. It will show how you can remove the hard drive, memory modules, DVD drive and keyboard.

Also, I’ll show how you can clean up the heat sink. I have created this guide while taking apart a Fujitsu LifeBook V1010.
The badge on the front said “LIFEBOOK V Series” so I assume this guide should work for other modes in the LifeBook V line.